furniture measuring guide

You’ve found the perfect piece of furniture, but is it perfect for your space?

Use this handy guide to understand key measurements, prep your space, and order with confidence.


Confirm Product Dimensions

Confirm the length (a), height (b), depth (c), and diagonal depth (d) of your piece with the full catalog dimensions sheet.

download dimensions sheet

Visualize & Plan

Use painter's tape or masking tape cut to the length and depth of your piece to map out how it will fit in your space. Don’t forget the little things, like whether you want an end table next to the piece or an ottoman in front of it. Add these to the layout if you have them to get a better feel.


Map the Delivery Route

To avoid any surprises on delivery day, make sure your furniture can fit through doorways, up stairs, in elevators, around landings, and down the hallways of your home.

Remember to take into account the little things that might get in the way of a smooth delivery. Unexpected things like low-hanging light fixtures, easy-to-trip-over rugs, and more can cause a snag. Clear them out of the way, and delivery should go off without a hitch.

Compare Measurements

Once you’ve measured any obstacles in your home, compare them to the dimensions of your piece, and keep the following in mind:

  • The overall height of the piece must be smaller than the width of any doorway, staircase, or hallway that it will pass through.